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Plasmasystems / For the Semiconductor Industry

Along the entire production process of the semiconductor industry, i.e. both in the front-end and the back-end, the plasma systems offer a wide range of result- and specification-oriented application possibilities. For the front-end, the most common application is the removal (ashing) of photoresist residues after structuring and metallization of the wafer. In the back end, however, where the focus of packaging is on contacting and encapsulating the finished chip, the plasma systems support these production steps. Cleaning the contact surfaces before wire bonding helps to ensure an optimal electrical connection, and activating surfaces enhances their hydrophilic character. This activation before molding, in turn, improves the flow properties of the one-housing substances (molding mass) and thus prevents cavities and voids.

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Processes in the front end / back end area

  • Photoresist Processes
  • Discumming after Lithography
  • Removing Sacrificial Layers
  • Removing Polymers
  • Surface Activation
  • Solar Cell Edge Etching

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Front End Systems

The front-end systems are plasma systems with manual or automatic loading that are available either as a cost-effective batch system or as a single-layer system for higher requirements in terms of process results. The systems are mostly used in the lithography of wafer fabrication in order to remove photoresist or to prepare the wafers for a subsequent step.

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Batch Wafer Systems

Single Wafer Systems

Back End Systems

PVA Metrology & Plasma Solutions provides the systems as batch systems for plasma processes with multiple magazines simultaneously or as automated systems in which the strips are loaded from the magazine into the chamber in multiple tracks in parallel and processed. They are then loaded back into magazines depending on the preferred embodiment. There are a wide variety of applications for cleaning and activation, from wire bonding, BGA, and flip-chip processes to mold underfill and encapsulation of the finished components.

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Batch Packaging Systems

Strip-Type Systems



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