Contract Measurement / Development of individual measurement strategies

At our application laboratory in Jena, we perform measurements on wafers and component structures made from various materials (Si, GaAs, GaN, SiC, InP, etc.) at the request of our customers. To this end, we devise individual measuring strategies and protocols, and help our customers with defect identification, process optimization, and interpretation of measurement results.

SIRD (Scanning Infrared Depolarization System) is used for fast wafer mapping. The measurements are performed with manual and automated loading in a class 100 cleanroom. They are possible on wafers with any diameter up to 450 mm and a lateral resolution of up to ≥50 µm.

SIREX (Scanning Infrared Stress Explorer) is our shear-stress microscope. It is used to examine stress fields in microelectronic or micromechanical component structures and for more precise identification of local defects in wafers.

Various software tools are used for the final evaluation of the measurements. They ensure quantitative and qualitative assessment of global and local defect and stress levels. Use of customer-specific measuring and evaluation procedures allows direct comparability of the measured wafers.


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