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  • 1. About PVA TePla MPS  
    About PVA MPS PVA Metrology & Plasma Solutions: the application experts for new technologies in the manufacture of semiconductor components. We specialize in understanding the processes…  
  • 2. Metrology Systems Laser  
  • 3. Metrology Systems Laser  
    Our systems to analyse residual stress states SIREX application examples:Contact Us How can we help you? laser.mps@pvatepla.comMetrology Systems LaserSIRD Stress Measurement SIRD…  
  • 4. Overview  
    Service ContactService From on-site commissioning, essential repairs, and spare-part deliveries to conversions and retrofits in the event of changed requirements, we provide our customers with…  
  • 5. Contract Measurement  
    Contract Measurement At our application laboratory in Jena, we perform measurements on wafers and component structures made from various materials (Si, GaAs, GaN, SiC, InP, etc.) at the request…  
  • 6. PVA MPS  
    News TechnologiesDates & Fairs Show all notificationsOur MarketsSemiconductor Packaging Separation of the components located on the wafer; packaging into the various types of casings High…  
  • 7. Overview  
    Our Products Our front end plasma systems remove organic layers or residual contamination quickly and effectively during any step of wafer processing, allowing the subsequent processes to run…  
  • 8. Metrology Systems VPD  
    Our SystemsWSMS (Wafer Surface Measurement System) The WSMS system constitutes an enhancement of the WSPS series and combines VPD technology with the outstanding detection limits of the WSPS…  
  • 9. Single-Wafer Systems  
    Our Single-Wafer SystemsPlasma System GIGAfab Modular The Plasma System GIGAfab Modular is a fully automatic single-wafer system geared towards applications in the LED and MEMS sector. A…  
  • 10. Batch Wafer Systems  
    Batch Wafer SystemsPlasma System GIGAbatch 360/380P The plasma systems GIGAbatch 360P and 380P are suitable for the most challenging requirements in the semiconductor industry and use the same…  

Search results 1 until 10 of 153

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